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In accordance with the CPRA, all inquiries will be responded to immediately (if information is readily available) or within 10 district working days of receipt indicating the availability of the records requested and a timeline of when the requested records will be available for review. If copies of the records are requested, N-MUSD will assess $.10 cents per copy for the requested records.

The District will make every attempt to provide documents requested in electronic format if available.

Questions can be directed to: or 714 424 8977

Summary of the California Public Records Act

This system is NOT for personal students records, such as transcripts – Visit the Student Records Webpage for personal records

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Public Records Requests can also be sent directly to the Office of Public Information by email, fax or hard copy to the following:

Attn: The Public Information Office
fax 714-424-8970 (fax)
address 2985 Bear Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626